My Artwork is generally focused on Social issues that are in majority a source of Self-conscious and self-esteem problem on a personal level.

My curiosity and my passion for human behavior brought me to travel the world and to interact with many people and cultures.

I fell we are so focused on our little life, we don’t know how to focus on life priorities as the well-being of our mind and the power of Ideas. I aim to point out some subjects that will enhance our questioning of priority and mindset

The aim is to raise a question for the viewer to self-evaluate, more than giving an explanation to a trend.

My compositions are mostly a response to an analytical process that I would experience and then will choose a way to share this in a valuable way. I like to use philosophical, historical or religious bases for a clearer message.

Each project consists of multiple pieces grouped around specific themes, meanings and Ideas. During research and production, new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of work.

After my latest work; called Intra-Social, I chose to work on the masks that we are inviting into our lives; the masks of Emotions, feeling, religion, and all the major component of our lives.

In progress…. (Forever!;))